Q: How do I find out more about Holt & Bugbee ?
You can call our main 800 number (800-325-6010)  explore our website further or contact the salesman for your territory.
Q: How do I know which salesman I should contact ?
The easiest way is to use the salesman locator on the web page. Select your state and the list of appropriate salesmen will pop up. Choose the salesman for the territory that is closest to you.


Q: How do I place an order?
The best way to place an order is to contact the salesman that covers your territory. If you prefer, you can call the 800 number and talk to a salesman in the main office.
Q: Is there a minimum order size?
Due to the labor intensive nature of the operation, we request orders be no smaller than 250 board feet.
Q: Can I come to the yard and pick out my own lumber or moulding?
All mouldings are run on a custom basis so there is no stock to choose from. It’s possible to come and pick out rough lumber but each Holt & Bugbee location has a procedure for that. Please call the yard closest to your location for more information.      
Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
For new customers: Certified C.O.D. or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). It is possible to establish a line of credit with Holt&Bugbee. Please call your salesman for further information.


Q: Is there a minimum amount you will ship?
The smallest order we can ship is 250 board feet.
Q: Where can you ship to?
We can ship on our own trucks as far West as Ohio, South to West Virginia, East to Delaware and North to Northern Maine. We can help arrange full truck loads and LTL shipments to further destinations.
Q: Is there a shipping charge?
There is a $25 shipping and handling charge attached to each order. Additional charges may occur for individual circumstance and will be discussed when an order is placed.


Q: What kind of mouldings do you carry?
Every one of the thousands of mouldings we make are done on a custom run basis, therefore there are no “Stock“ mouldings in any of our yards.
There are 2 exceptions: we stock IPE’ decking surfaced on 4 sides and eased on 4 edges to nominal 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 5/4 x 4 and 5/4 x 6; we also stock dimensional lumber that has been sized and  surfaced on 4 sides to nominal  1 x 4 thru 1 x 12 and 5/4 x 4 thru 5/4 x 12 in Poplar, Maple, Red Oak, Cherry and Sapele.
Q: What kind of species do you carry?
We carry most domestic hardwoods, some species of soft woods and some exotics. If we don’t carry what you are looking for we can generally source any commercially available species both domestic and exotic.
Q: Is your lumber Eco-friendly?
We carry a variety of species that are FSC certified. You can find the information about our certification by following this link us.fsc.org.
Q: What is a “Board Foot”?
Board foot is a commonly used measurement in the Hardwood lumber industry that relates to the volume of lumber. Board Foot (also BF or BdFt)  is calculated by using the following equation:
Thickness (inches) x width (inches) x length (feet) / 12 = bdft
Ex: a 1.5” thick board that is 8” wide and 14’ long is measured as 14 BdFt
(1.5” x 8” x 14’) /12  
Q : Do you carry plywood or any kind of sheet goods or glued up panels?
At this time we only carry solid hardwoods in board form
Q: What grades of lumber do you carry?
We carry a wide variety of grades that range from very, very knotty with many defects to the finest clear grades. The grading rules can become very complex depending on the species. We recommend contacting a salesman for a more in-depth explanation.

If you have a specific question you haven't seen answered here or just want more information about Holt & Bugbee or our industry we strongly suggest you contact us or check out our “helpful links” page.