The Kentwood Speed Series is engineered to meet extreme production demands.

This series, featuring straight and profile jointing systems, allows for a superior finish quality while operating at speeds up to 160 ft/ min. An application-oriented approach is often employed when specifying these machines. Built for speed, precision and reliability, these custom solutions are among the heaviest in the industry.

“Founded in 1898 with the purpose of creating a uniform set of grading rules, the National Hardwood Lumber Association seeks to offer several opportunities for instruction of the basics of the NHLA grading system.

The lumber grading short course plays a vital role in the industry benefitting anyone who has an impact on the buying, selling or handling of hardwood lumber. These courses are perfect for salesmen, purchasing agents, sawyers, edger and trimmer operators, and yard managers.

Jack English from the NHLA gave a three-day short course to eight gentlemen from the Tewksbury, MA yard. Among them are two from the office inside sales support, three from the kiln dried lumber re-inspection line and three from the mill who re-inspect lumber after milling. Congratulations and good work ! “