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A Single, Strong Foundation

It was the entrepreneurial savvy of businessman John Cutter that launched the beginnings of Holt & Bugbee. In 1825, Cutter sought to establish a sawmill for rough cutting Mahogany logs in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Armed with nothing more than a strong knowledge of the trade and a single, but powerful, idea, Cutter struck a bargain where he would supply an equally industrious sea captain with much-needed block ice. The captain would deliver the ice to South America and, on Cutter’s behalf, exchange it for rough Mahogany. With the emptying of the sawdust-encased block ice, the ship’s holds then became available for transporting the Mahogany logs back to Cutter.


In 1850, Cutter’s son-in-law, Stephen Holt, entered the business, carrying on the company’s tradition. He was followed by John Bugbee ten years later and, with his arrival, the name and company were officially established. To better serve its rapidly growing customer base, the Holt & Bugbee Company migrated to Tewksbury from its original Charlestown, Massachusetts, location. Mount Braddock, Pennsylvania, became the chosen site for the second Holt & Bugbee facility in 1994. With this prime location near key sources for North Appalachian hardwoods, Holt and Bugbee began exploiting the value-added benefits of easy access to the finest Cherry in the world.

Just five years later, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, became home to the company’s third operation, placing Holt & Bugbee in an ideal location (just 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia) for serving customers in the mid-Atlantic region, thus, greatly increasing its market reach.

Five family generations, and many years later, Holt & Bugbee is recognized, not only in the northeast, but from coast-to-coast and in many parts of the world for the quality of their products and dedication to service.

Holt & Bugbee Co. embraces its past – and its rich set of values -- that contribute to the strong foundation the company was built on. Because of its respect for its heritage, Holt & Bugbee, like many fine New England firms with solid roots, continues to thrive in both name and entrepreneurial spirit.

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